BMW M4 v AMG C63 v Audi RS5 - DRAG RACE

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How’s this for an all-new epic drag race!
We’ve got Mat in the all-new BMW M4, and he’s lining up alongside the Mercedes-AMG C63 S & Audi RS5!
So how do they match up? First up we've got the M4, and under the bonnet you’ll find a 3-litre straight-six which can deliver 510hp & 660Nm of torque.
As for the AMG, well it’s not too different. It may have a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 instead, but it can also deliver 510hp, coupled with 700Nm. Finally we have the RS5, which has a 2.9-litre V6 which can put down 450hp and 600Nm of torque.
Think the Audi is the underdog? Well it has one key benefit - Quattro AWD! As for both the BMW and AMG? Well, they've only got RWD! Will that make the difference? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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  • Hi Mat here: which car would you drive home? BMW M4, AMG C63 S or the Audi RS5?

    Mat Watson CarsMat Watson CarsMånad sedan
    • M4

      ShivenShiven8 dagar sedan
    • M the strongest letter in the world🔥

      Sajma HotSajma Hot13 dagar sedan
    • M3 for track C63 for fast road veeeighty sounds & skids RS5 for drag racing off the lights

      Toyota WagonsToyota WagonsMånad sedan
    • Bmw

      Kosret MahmudKosret MahmudMånad sedan
    • AMG all day long.

      John RogersJohn RogersMånad sedan
  • BMW IS THE BEST 🔥 and AUDI ITS 2nd and the merc you see it its SHIT CAR GG’s

    REXHEP AhmetiREXHEP AhmetiTimme sedan
  • D

    Sartaj SinghSartaj Singh12 timmar sedan
  • New bmw is ugly as hell 🙈

    Sheban SSheban S19 timmar sedan
  • M4 competition 👌🏾

    Anubas SingoAnubas SingoDag sedan
  • "Jizzing"

    Tracy-Tim Salov-AhnerTracy-Tim Salov-AhnerDag sedan
  • Nein englisch isch besser

    Assasin 60079Assasin 600792 dagar sedan
  • Op bmw

    Dhanush RawalDhanush Rawal2 dagar sedan
  • I would still buy the Mercedes 🔥🔥

    death strikerdeath striker2 dagar sedan
  • That is why I am a fan of BMW

    whatsapp statuswhatsapp status2 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    phuong huynhphuong huynh2 dagar sedan
  • Love BMW !

  • I would take the merc audi and BMW in that order..

    gary mcfallgary mcfall2 dagar sedan
  • Matt: if I loose I change the game to win. The friend no one wants....

    gary mcfallgary mcfall2 dagar sedan
  • I think that the video will be better without music 👍

    Nrfbj VdfhNrfbj Vdfh2 dagar sedan
  • Audi only wins in the Rain 😂😂 BMW is the best

    ZEight 800ZEight 8002 dagar sedan
  • Kept retrying until the bmw won the drag. lol nah, Audi had y’all both times. Compare the first two times with the third and I bet you the audi still outdoes the Beamer.

    josue albyjosue alby2 dagar sedan
  • Their still the Q50 with a tune

    RealLifeRealLife3 dagar sedan
  • Finally a RS VS a M a s4 is not the same

    RealLifeRealLife3 dagar sedan
  • Mercedes Not merseydes😂😂😂

    Leon BROLeon BRO3 dagar sedan
  • Mat, your break reaction was pretty bad.

    KalkeKalke3 dagar sedan
  • Bmw fan

    Aram Pubg10Aram Pubg104 dagar sedan
  • Pimp game still alive p

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • Quality control music go hard

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • I’m feeling better

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • Nope

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • It already is

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • Rocknation ceo.”

    Voodoo king Prophet MightyVoodoo king Prophet Mighty4 dagar sedan
  • RS5 / BEAST 🔥🚀

    • Hahahahahhhaahahahhahahahahaahaha

  • You are here for 1:28

  • Audi still kicked ass

    Yolandie AppelgrynYolandie Appelgryn4 dagar sedan
  • Matt you know when you do a sound check in a BMW you need to press M2 on the steering wheel. It will sound better

    Ben DarraughBen Darraugh4 dagar sedan
  • Don’t get why you would spend that much on a c class 🤯

    Zac AskewZac Askew4 dagar sedan
  • The audio of the "3...2....1" is a woman, but the person doing the start is definitely a man 5:30

    BrianBrian4 dagar sedan
  • if AUDI HAVE 51o0hp that bwm well destroyed by AUDI . I HAVE AUDI I KNOW WHAT E MONSTER engine TFSI is,

    Brutal nenqimozBrutal nenqimoz4 dagar sedan
  • BMW is the best

    Granit ThaqiGranit Thaqi4 dagar sedan
  • Accent spot on!

    Ozayr MansoorOzayr Mansoor4 dagar sedan
  • Audi driver and fan till the death.

    Lloyd MolefeLloyd Molefe5 dagar sedan
  • Where is yiannimize?

    Matthias WinzMatthias Winz5 dagar sedan
  • I, as a german, still think the English carwow is better😂

    LaxenLaxen5 dagar sedan
  • So youre really gonna compare the slowest audi time with the fastest bmw time...? Instead of fastest from each respective car.....??

    YY5 dagar sedan
    • So much for not a bmwfanboy

      YY5 dagar sedan
  • That Benz is a pig! Shame.

    Andrew CaponeAndrew Capone5 dagar sedan
  • Mat don't lie ur also a BMW fan boy like me 😆

    mr ßōtmr ßōt5 dagar sedan
  • Bmw🔥🔥🔥

    muayyad dabourmuayyad dabour5 dagar sedan
  • if you see what car its gonna be driven by mat, you will know what car its gonna win :)

    FedeFede5 dagar sedan
  • the vacuumcleaner won

    Bobo BiboBobo Bibo5 dagar sedan
  • BMW as a fun car, Audi for everyday driving - Got lots of snow here, prefer Quattro at those times :).

    psirex6psirex66 dagar sedan
  • You are smart just like BMW

    Mo jbrMo jbr6 dagar sedan
  • Oy guys do Audi rs5 vs Mercedes a45

    T IslamT Islam6 dagar sedan
  • Do Audi rs5 vs mag a45

    T IslamT Islam6 dagar sedan
  • Very humble Audi driver, real winner imo. - BMW Fanboy

    Jose Miguel GJose Miguel G6 dagar sedan
  • So the Audi has no grip and you best it in the dry. Now we know from looking at other channels that the beamer isn't faster than the Audi in the dry. At a roll its a different story.

    Emily MorrisonEmily Morrison6 dagar sedan
  • Why the suspension setup so high

    Nabeel Fareed MoosaNabeel Fareed Moosa6 dagar sedan
  • 1 mile c63s Coupe Vs m4 com normal equal

    Nugget 99Nugget 997 dagar sedan
  • Rollin C 63 S Coupé easy WIN

    Nugget 99Nugget 997 dagar sedan
  • Audi best. RS5 !

    Nikolaus WolffNikolaus Wolff7 dagar sedan
  • Thanks mat!

    Mandaar Sanjay RaoMandaar Sanjay Rao7 dagar sedan
  • Audi is the best!!

    Jongie MrigaJongie Mriga7 dagar sedan
  • We shall thank u😂

    UnknownUnknown7 dagar sedan
  • İ think the mercedes driver cant drive!

    T AT A8 dagar sedan
  • RS5💯💕👍

    Sylvanas WindrunnerSylvanas Windrunner8 dagar sedan
  • I can imagine these guys 30 years from now; testing disabled chairs

    clownclown8 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      Amos MibeAmos Mibe5 dagar sedan
    • Bruhh.. =))))

      Bubu licaBubu lica5 dagar sedan
    • what bro u ok☠️

      CallMeIceyCallMeIcey7 dagar sedan
  • I know that BMW M4 is the winner because BMW has great and powerful engine and transaction

    مجموعة أسود المغرب TWENTYXPROمجموعة أسود المغرب TWENTYXPRO8 dagar sedan
  • Audi king 🦾🦾👑👑

    Teodor MunteanuTeodor Munteanu8 dagar sedan
  • that BMW is em' 👍👍👍

    jazzi pjazzi p8 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Matt for that race! Lol.. MPower haha

    Nate D RNate D R9 dagar sedan
  • Here is an example of why bmw is the BEST GERMAN CARR

    Salaheddine El Kaabouni BoussayssouSalaheddine El Kaabouni Boussayssou9 dagar sedan
  • BMW : Ultimate driving machine is back!!💥💥💥

    Muhammad Safaul HoqueMuhammad Safaul Hoque9 dagar sedan
  • get a maldivian channel

    Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz9 dagar sedan
  • Thanks mat😂😂

    Wolfy145 WolfWolfy145 Wolf9 dagar sedan
  • Wish Audi would do a “plus” or “performance” version for their lower rs models! Imagine the rs5 at like a nice 480hp at least!

    leeeinfieldleeeinfield9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine what the bmw will do when they release the awd variant

    Viktor ZguroViktor Zguro9 dagar sedan
  • This mercedes driver is so bed how c63s can be slower than a45s

    Nail BalicevacNail Balicevac9 dagar sedan
  • Mercedes fans hit like

    Vincy ShajiVincy Shaji10 dagar sedan
  • Amg driver is super slow its all about timing

    Vishy BhanguVishy Bhangu10 dagar sedan
  • M4 power very awesome, but you have to hand it to the RS5 less HP only 15kilos difference, also the ugliest hahaha

    Bill SullyBill Sully10 dagar sedan
  • The last one was a fallstart you moved before she lowered her hands

    Greg LitGreg Lit10 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    AMARANT1AMARANT110 dagar sedan
  • Why m4 such a monster.. Beating all cars with no traction whatsoever 😭

    C SanC San10 dagar sedan
  • Cant wait for the x drive BMWs so they can take it to Audi. Everyone's gonna be seeing M car taillamps. The only competition will be the Porsche car. Those are really awsome too.

    LaZaRItOLnObLE MLaZaRItOLnObLE M10 dagar sedan
  • Thank you 👊🏿

    Katlego MakgopaKatlego Makgopa10 dagar sedan
  • Well unless you're trying to avoid someone hitting your ass in a hurry by braking (which makes no sense) and not trying to avoid hitting someone in front of you then the Audi...still doesn't win the brake test. Yeah that's why he's the camera man.

    omeer rahmanomeer rahman10 dagar sedan
  • Just wanted to know if you can race a CTS V We Americans don't make cars that can turn but were good in a straight line

    reese dogreese dog10 dagar sedan
  • I love bmw 😥

    Nana AmpofoNana Ampofo10 dagar sedan
  • It's always wet there.

    DJEDJE10 dagar sedan
  • M4 is newer and faster

    Daniele PrandelliDaniele Prandelli10 dagar sedan
  • All the plastic in the BMW is making it lighter than they claim it to be. But that's straight six for you, can't beat that. But to be fair, the M4s often have around 25-40ps more than they should have

    GERntleMANGERntleMAN11 dagar sedan
  • When BMW is launched, it's just unstoppable !

    NickNick11 dagar sedan
  • YAY

    Seif The king GamingSeif The king Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • İ think more and more that Mercedes is a very good car but you cant compare a M-model to an AMG. AMG is loud and looks good ok no question. But the M-model is a beast. Just a racing-machine.

    ErayEray11 dagar sedan
  • Mat is a bad loser kkkkk

    Irineu VicenteIrineu Vicente11 dagar sedan
  • Alpina v Brabus v ABT

    baxxter duxbaxxter dux11 dagar sedan
  • So the M3 is not just ugly.. 😂

    KalKal11 dagar sedan
  • Need to know speed M4 doing when passes Audi. I’m sure it will be over 70?

    Fahrem GarrettFahrem Garrett12 dagar sedan
  • Point of the story buy an Audi

    Ali EAli E12 dagar sedan
  • ALL New bmw is so good !!!!!!!!!!!

    vk Linvk Lin12 dagar sedan
  • I am bmw fan boy

    Fatlind HaliliFatlind Halili12 dagar sedan

    nonnon12 dagar sedan
  • Muscles and glory are just in Nurburgring

    Bisher ZahreddinBisher Zahreddin12 dagar sedan
  • Yesiiiirrrrr bmw is so fkinggggg sickkkk bruhh godamnnnnnnnnnn

    TEmpire_ GTTEmpire_ GT12 dagar sedan