Ford Kuga 2021 review - the best Ford yet?

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This is the all-new Ford Kuga!
Ford has completely redesigned their mid-size SUV, and they've got competitors like the Peugeot 3008 & Volkswagen Tiguan in their sights! The question is, does it offer enough to stand out from the crowd?
Starting with the exterior design, it clearly looks very similar to a pumped-up Ford Focus - but that's no bad thing! Not only that, but it comes with a slightly-sloped roofline and real exhaust pipes as well!
When it comes to engine choices, there are more than enough options available. The petrol range is topped with a 1.5-litre turbo petrol to deliver 150hp, while the diesel range is led with a 2-litre turbo which can put down 190hp! However, the hybrid model trumps them all... With a 2.5-litre petrol engine coupled with an electric motor, it can deliver 225hp and travel up to 35 miles on just electric power alone!
So it looks good, has got a great range of engines, and with a starting price of just over £24,000, it's affordable as well! So surely it's the must-have family SUV of 2021, right? You'll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:41 Price
01:07 Exterior Design
01:47 Interior
04:08 Back Seats
05:42 Boot
06:53 Engines
08:21 Five Annoying Features
09:40 Five Good Features
10:52 Town Driving
12:42 Motorway Driving
13:49 Twisty Road Driving
14:27 Trim Options
15:50 Verdict
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  • budget dbx

    Songyuan HanSongyuan Han11 timmar sedan
  • Me when I saw that car: Ford Focus, but bigger

    Caio KumyoshiCaio Kumyoshi4 dagar sedan
  • I had the previous only 5 ft 8.seats are tiny and have been carried over to this new model.very poor leg support atall.still very cheap interior

    Michael poundMichael pound4 dagar sedan
  • Came here only to witness the cougar jokes 😂

    Oussama DjaalaliOussama Djaalali5 dagar sedan
  • Made in Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸

    Team TempestTeam Tempest6 dagar sedan
  • its kinda the same as the ford puma st line 2020

    Superchips GamesSuperchips Games9 dagar sedan
  • I got so confused of the vehicle but i just realized its the ford escape in the us lol

    GamingWithDanGamingWithDan11 dagar sedan
  • Shocking car, I've owned one since last September, done just 1,700 miles in it, total battery failure twice, AA out twice, been in Ford garage twice. And today 'Safely Stop Now' warning came up on dashboard. I've got absolutely no faith in this car. Seriously regret buying it. And oh, don't bother with the FordPass App either....that's just as shocking as the car

    Mark WilsonMark Wilson12 dagar sedan
  • It's C segment but actually almost bigger than D segment Tiguan. Such a great car!

    BerkayBerkay12 dagar sedan
  • 0:41, if Ford having difficulty to aligning name tag, guess what?

    Michael StanleyMichael Stanley13 dagar sedan
  • Ford should bring this car in india

    king z Pradhanking z Pradhan14 dagar sedan
  • Gear selection is something you should be able to do without having to look at the gear selector. Modern isn't always better.

    MalfanMalfan15 dagar sedan
  • Why would they make the 190hp automatic only. Soooo fucking stupid

    Lau FerryLau Ferry16 dagar sedan
  • Great car, absolutely atrocious name... KUGA literally means Plague in most Slavic languages, thus I'd have to go for a FOCUS instead :D

    Spectral Shadow OfficialSpectral Shadow Official16 dagar sedan
  • That roof doesn’t take long... that’s normal speed...

    TJTJ17 dagar sedan
  • Ford pls launch this in india! It will be a game changer for you

    Parth GuptaParth Gupta17 dagar sedan
  • I bought a 2021 Kuga. Love it..................But the tow bar electrics don't work!! Factory fitted but Fords won't fix it. Pin 9 not wired. Pin 9 activated my on board safety device for the caravan to prevent swaying and jack knifing, but fords have disabled it. cannot us caravan. Ford say its a design feature, WHAT are you having a laugh. I have a caravan sitting on my drive not able to be used because of you. Ive rejected the vehicle, see what happens now??

    Ian LarmanIan Larman17 dagar sedan
  • Why did you put an old Tiguan there?😂

    Marek STEMarek STE18 dagar sedan
  • What is the difference between Ford Kuga & Puma??

    Abhishek JainAbhishek Jain19 dagar sedan
  • Hi mat. I notice you did not mention the kuga mild hybrid engines. As I have the new ford Kuga 2.0L diesel mild hybrid. Great video Dan

    TheBmw1980TheBmw198019 dagar sedan
  • Over in the USA we call that the Escape. I just feel nauseous every time I see one. Thankfully the MUCH better looking Bronco Sport (on the Escape platform) is putting a stop to that.

    Alex PaumenAlex Paumen19 dagar sedan
  • Touch screen looks like it’s been added and stuck on as a last minute extra.......

    mike Buttmike Butt19 dagar sedan
  • Ford are anther Fiat

    Mr11ESSE111Mr11ESSE11120 dagar sedan
  • Had the st line x 2.l awd about a month now. Can't complain so far

    Mr RileyMr Riley20 dagar sedan
  • Hello What you recommend me kuga or tiguan (2021)

    Hi.benben benelHi.benben benel21 dag sedan
  • My 1.5 petrol performed very economically on a mostly uphill 1500km run through Europe - 6.5 litres per 100km. Not as bad as I thought and a damn comfy car to drive.

    PELC English CoursesPELC English Courses21 dag sedan
  • here in America we have optional 2.0t EcoBoost optional

    Sergey MATPOCSergey MATPOC21 dag sedan
  • Kia? Peugeot? No Ford. Good job there is a badge as everything looks the same now. Very boring generic designs

    D MomcilovicD Momcilovic22 dagar sedan
  • In america this car I called the Escape

    Trevor NonisTrevor Nonis22 dagar sedan
  • We call its ford escape

    AzyxerlaAzyxerla23 dagar sedan
  • No, just no. Go to a Ford dealership, get in a Fiesta, then a Puma ST LINE X, and finally, a Kuga ST LINE X. Same interior in almost every way on all 3.

    Razvan TRazvan T23 dagar sedan
  • Surprised they didn’t call it Probe inline with their recent efforts to rubbish all previous sports cars with the Puma and “Mustang” SUV’s 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Mr EdMr Ed23 dagar sedan
  • Very nice Ford Escape! :D

    Speed DemonSpeed Demon24 dagar sedan
  • I like Toyota 4runner

    Elham SarwariElham Sarwari24 dagar sedan
  • Isn’t Vignale getting dropped ?, Ford say they aren’t selling?

    Peter CavelliniPeter Cavellini24 dagar sedan
    • Only on the Focus I think

      daniel elliottdaniel elliott4 dagar sedan
  • I loved my old Kuga 2.0 diesel. Great to drive and nippy when you need it. Might get the new one at some point, as it does look that bit better!

    Reet PateetReet Pateet25 dagar sedan
  • IMO: It's Ford's useless car.

    Олександр БутенкоОлександр Бутенко25 dagar sedan
  • I didn't realize it was summer in the UK already.... haha... Clearly an old recording. Perhaps to bring it up in context of the Mustang review.

    myeviltwinbrothermyeviltwinbrother25 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand plug in hybrid when some cars use regen to charge

    Justin BussellJustin Bussell25 dagar sedan
  • In our language Kuga means the Plague

    Nala StoicevNala Stoicev25 dagar sedan
  • "I respect you for giving us real exhaust pipes" I bet all petrol and diesel cars have real exhausts. Otherwise they wouldn't work.

    thejjzzthejjzz26 dagar sedan
  • I think it looks much better than the Aston Martin DBX.

    Metallica Fan!Metallica Fan!26 dagar sedan
  • So impressed with the Plug in hybrid I ordered one last August but it still has not been delivered - shockingly bad customer service from Ford Italy. Really looking forward to its arrival with fantastic panorama roof

    Chris CaswellChris Caswell26 dagar sedan
  • It’s Aston Martin DBX

    Winston WWinston W26 dagar sedan
  • Mat, what is it with you and Monica?

    Andrei DamianAndrei Damian27 dagar sedan
  • The capable cloudy conventionally compare because question concordingly trade up a demonic silica. valuable, humdrum pink

    Charlotte JordanCharlotte Jordan27 dagar sedan
  • Have they fixed the battery charging problem. Cuz i can't see them on your carwow app...?

    Carl GibsonCarl Gibson27 dagar sedan
  • There will be also an E85 version with the same 2,5 liters engine and hybrid drivetrain by this fall. Very economical for sure !

    julosxjulosx27 dagar sedan
    • This 2,5 liters engine on it's own gives 33-40 mpg to this Kuga (real world testing). It will be even higher as a hybrid.

      DerivelyDerively27 dagar sedan
  • Where is the Rider Kick

    addicz2addicz227 dagar sedan
  • This Kuga looks abnormally small

    Hanan R.Hanan R.27 dagar sedan
  • Like the Puma, it's just a raised up hatch back.

    PeterPeter27 dagar sedan
  • This product can do wonders for Ford in India

    Aditya Vikram NihlaniAditya Vikram Nihlani27 dagar sedan
  • Another small, boring and mediocre crossover. Boring.

    uvsmealldayeverydayuvsmealldayeveryday27 dagar sedan
  • It looks more like Porsche

    Draw BrightArtDraw BrightArt28 dagar sedan
  • Courtney Cox is a couga 😂

    RISHI SHETHRISHI SHETH28 dagar sedan
  • 3:26 old tiguan xD

    Zz ReyizzzZz Reyizzz28 dagar sedan
  • I will check this video again in 2025 when will be able to afford this cool car

    TheZen582TheZen58228 dagar sedan
  • Mat went back to using the should be ashamed 😂

    Leano KgafelaLeano Kgafela28 dagar sedan
  • I was surprised to see you choose a diesel engine. The word dinosaur comes to mind (no offence intended).

    first name last namefirst name last name28 dagar sedan
  • These are sold as the ‘escape’ here in NZ with 177kw Petrol only , very punchy. A little thirsty though

    timj41timj4128 dagar sedan
  • Plug In Hybrid with the 2.5 L Engine is the only way to get this car

    Britton WeinsteinBritton Weinstein28 dagar sedan
  • ST-Line X Edition gives you the opening panoramic sunroof included in the price how many of its competitors gives you that,or will they charge you £1000+ as an option.

    KAZUYADOGKAZUYADOG28 dagar sedan
  • Interesting how they are still going with a 2017 Fucus dash, fully unchanged. And sad that MTs dont get Awd Otherwise, its a hella nice european town car

    ThreeLionsThreeLions28 dagar sedan
  • Jaguar E pace design.

    rus84drus84d28 dagar sedan
  • Just because you can stick a stick in the exhaust doesn't mean it's real. You should check if the stick is black when you pull it out, because that means smoke was passing through that hole.

    cinegraphicscinegraphics28 dagar sedan
  • Still crap build quality

    Tireless WessexTireless Wessex29 dagar sedan
  • This Kuga is beautiful. I've seen some on the streets, and I even sat in one, and it's great.

    DerivelyDerively29 dagar sedan
    • @Drell Jones Don't believe this! This is a scam.

      DerivelyDerively27 dagar sedan
  • Get rid of that horrible CVT Ford

    MrBenoJackoMrBenoJacko29 dagar sedan
  • In Croatian Kuga mean plague so it's always funny when this car is mentioned 🤣🤣

    Aleksandar GospićAleksandar Gospić29 dagar sedan
  • Mat actually missed out the rear heated seats

    Asid DanialAsid Danial29 dagar sedan
  • Planet rock!!!

    Mark RussellMark Russell29 dagar sedan
  • Hey Matt how about a phone review of your samsung??

    Jeronimo SernaJeronimo Serna29 dagar sedan
  • How old is this car...cause it looks like it from 2005? Interior is hideous.

    gregjuiceygregjuicey29 dagar sedan
  • In some languages, KUGA means PLAGUE. 😕

    Emina R.Emina R.29 dagar sedan
  • You do know that Alcantara is fake suede and cost pennies, idk why people think alcantara is so good.?

    Norse Viking ÆsirNorse Viking Æsir29 dagar sedan
    • Alcantara is a brand name of a suede-like, synthetic alternative (other versions of synthetic suede exist, namely microsuede or ultrasuede).

      Norse Viking ÆsirNorse Viking Æsir29 dagar sedan
  • 11:35 isn't that what jags did before?

    SvenSven29 dagar sedan
  • Do review of Peugeot 308 (2021) !

    Igor JovanoskiIgor Jovanoski29 dagar sedan
  • South Africans in the comments hoping this model comes with a fire hose when it arrives in S.A.

    Mpumelelo ShongweMpumelelo Shongwe29 dagar sedan
  • I see some BMW 5 series interior lines, am I the only one?😎

    TRXN DesignTRXN Design29 dagar sedan
  • Nice car but they destroy it by not having even option to take automatic in all engines

    yorkbahyorkbahMånad sedan
  • Matt said that the soda Qodiak has a boot space of over 700 liters But that’s wrong because that’s a 7 seater and that’s when the back seats are folded down but when they are up it’s much smaller the the kuga’s boot

    What a DayWhat a DayMånad sedan
    • Idk why he is talking about the Kodiaq as if it where Kuga's competition. The direct segment competitor is in fact the Karoq. Perhaps British people are not able to buy that model, but you can't compare the almost 5 m long Kodiaq to a 4.6 m Kuga and expect them to be evenly matched in cargo volume. Also, the Kodiaq is a much more expensive car, starting from 40k Euros with a decent package of car specs, while the Kuga is available with every spec available for this class, with 35-36k Euros. The same specs would push the Kodiaq to nearly 50k.

      Iuliu Antonio FilipIuliu Antonio Filip28 dagar sedan
  • Do like the gear selector. Enjoyed the same in a Ford Fusion (Mondeo), three years ago in the States.

    Scottish Norfolk Southern FanScottish Norfolk Southern FanMånad sedan
  • Aka escape

    52 Auto52 AutoMånad sedan
  • Nice one Carwow.

    Letsie Sylvester SephofaneLetsie Sylvester SephofaneMånad sedan
  • Why have you posted this now?? It’s at least 2 years old.. and the Kuga PHEV scandal would have made Ford hide under the duvet! Weird

    fennie56fennie56Månad sedan
  • man Ford needs to hire a new designer

    Justin SeahJustin SeahMånad sedan
  • I'm usually dislike ford designs but this time it's look really nice

    Metehan DeveciMetehan DeveciMånad sedan
  • Please review the Hyundai Venue Sir.

    Mikhil PandayMikhil PandayMånad sedan
  • Oh good, yet another hideous crossover that they are calling a SUV. I just hope that in a few years when people realise these cars are neither here nor there, will stop buying them forcing the manufacturers to go back to Saloons and Estates. What exactly do crossovers offer that estates don't? You get a better ride, more space and often better economy. You definitely will have a better looking car. If you want even better looking cars that give great handling the saloon is still top of the pile. Of course if you want a city car - then the hatchback will be the way to go.

    Game OvaisGame OvaisMånad sedan
  • I think thing is the Escape in 🇨🇦 and 🇺🇸, but I also thought the Puma was the Escape’s counterpart. How different in size are these things?

    Martin Charles Pitt-BradleyMartin Charles Pitt-BradleyMånad sedan
    • This is the Escape in North America

      Daniel LeRouxDaniel LeRoux26 dagar sedan
  • 595 abarth review 🥺

    Lenny HuybrechtsLenny HuybrechtsMånad sedan
  • i bought 2014 kuga tdci awd titanium and i still love it. there is a lot to love in that car, i love the curve control function. the car came with lots of tech that only became popular now!

    hloniphani ntombelahloniphani ntombelaMånad sedan
  • 1.5T with 120hp how is tht even possible. cant believe people choose this over focus.

    Tahsin FaiyazTahsin FaiyazMånad sedan
    • This is nicer than a Focus. Engine sucks though.

      Metallica Fan!Metallica Fan!25 dagar sedan
  • The advertising for Carwow is annoying but the unwillingness to complete the review without having to follow the advertising makes it unwatchable.

    Christopher SmithChristopher SmithMånad sedan
  • No thanks. Only good selling Ford vehicle in my country is the 4x4....the rest just crap.

    Steve LiuSteve LiuMånad sedan
  • 1shity car

    MofayasalesMofayasalesMånad sedan
  • In My Country(USA🇺🇸) Is Ford Escape!!!

    Kason KKKason KKMånad sedan
  • You should do the BMW X125e

    Simen JenssenSimen JenssenMånad sedan
  • Looks like an x5 at the back

    rory croninrory croninMånad sedan
  • Now imagine if that was a lexus - the cvt would be described as a crime against humanity.. But in this.. No complaint

    Mohammad MakhdumMohammad MakhdumMånad sedan