Dacia Sandero 2021 review - see how the UK's cheapest car 'saved' my LIFE!

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This is the all-new Dacia Sandero!
You won’t find a new car for sale in the UK this year for less money, with prices starting at just under £8,000! With that in mind, Mat’s on hand to find out whether the Sandero is cheap (i.e. poor quality & one to avoid) or affordable (i.e. good quality and one to consider).
Of course, if you’re in the market for a car in this price bracket, you know there won’t be too many frills, and that’s no clearer than with the engine choices. If you go for the entry level you’ll be greeted by a 1-litre 3 cylinder which can produce just 65hp. It also only comes with a five-speed manual gearbox! Clearly then you'll look to upgrade, with the other engine available being a 1-litre turbo, which can produce 90hp. Thankfully this one comes with a six-speed gearbox, which can even be upgraded to automatic!
However, despite the lack of thrills, the interior is more than impressive enough. Top of the range models coming with an infotainment screen which even allows a wireless connection to Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Mat even finds the seats more impressive than some £40,000+ cars he's sat in recently (but you'll have to watch the video to find out what car he's talking about).
So what do you think - is the new Sandero cheap, or affordable? There's only one way to find out... Keep watching for Mat's latest in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:53 Price
01:17 Exterior Design
02:12 Interior
04:59 Back Seats
05:59 Saving Mat's Life!
08:36 Town Driving
09:43 Twisty Road Driving
10:14 Boot
11:05 Five Annoying Features
12:03 Five Good Features
13:32 Engines
14:02 0-60mph
15:05 Verdict
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  • I dont like this car for 2 reasons. There is no space to the left of the clutch to rest your foot and also the gearbox isnt the best. It just doesnt feel good when shifting. Ok maybe 3 reasons but it may just be my instructors car. If you turn over a certain amount then the steering wheel wont self centre. Overall my 500 pound vw polo is more fun to drive.

    Patryk RogPatryk Rog4 timmar sedan
  • GOOD NEWS! It's a Dacia Sandero

    Ivan BimaIvan Bima4 timmar sedan
  • If u British would start to drive on the right side of the road. They would only have to make one model. So it would be even cheaper. But u stubborn morons can't give in can't u?

    Super LiegebeestSuper Liegebeest5 timmar sedan
  • Was going fine until you started being a lefty moron regarding urgently heading for your trial guinea pig jab...for a deadly virus that you do not know you've had or if you have had it ...99.96% recover without the need from any NHS assistance...MSM indoctrination carwow..disappointing....

    Neil HillNeil Hill8 timmar sedan
  • "Saving Mat's life" oh yes. That 99.8% survival rate is really something to worry about.

    Ash RAsh R9 timmar sedan
  • why cheap car reviews are sometimes satisfying

    ZanzKillaZanzKilla11 timmar sedan
  • 7:48 ''Wich one is it ? Astrazeneca...disapointment lol '' You can't chose in UK what vaccine you take ?:)) Romania:1 , UK: 0 lol. If you came to Romania , you could have take the Pfizer shot anywhere at any time !

    BcA - Biciclind cu AxelBcA - Biciclind cu Axel13 timmar sedan
  • Unsubscribed because I thought you were smarter... Covid vaccine...

    Athoslana2015Athoslana201520 timmar sedan
    • russia is garbage

      A the Dragon of ΓαῖαA the Dragon of Γαῖα13 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or the headlights look quite similar to the ones on the Lamborghini Urus?

    Super London CarsSuper London Cars22 timmar sedan
  • a vw polo and peugeot 208 had a baby? it looks... fine...

    GeorgMusicGeorgMusicDag sedan
  • Anybody ever seen your a weirdo well we hhave now can't get excited for a vaccine

    matty bowlermatty bowlerDag sedan
  • But.... I heard it was delayed...

    Medieval BeatsMedieval BeatsDag sedan
  • Great review Matt. Just a shame you had to insert a promotional video for an experimental medical treatment though (the experimental trials end in March 2023).

    Andrew HamiltonAndrew HamiltonDag sedan
  • Most definitely less stupid than the horrid Duster.

    TeamgeistTeamgeistDag sedan
  • In an effort to reduce Britains trade deficit, all cars more expensive than this should be banned.

    KAD010900KAD010900Dag sedan
  • First brit spelling ''Dacia'' correctly....(LIKE)

    George ObadaGeorge ObadaDag sedan
  • As an avid Dacia Duster 4WD fan, this is likewise a great example of a practical, no-nonsense, inexpensive and affordable-to-own car. If regularly serviced and lovingly maintained and kept for as long as she runs, it'll be more than worth it's buying price, and that's not something that can be said for most cars today. As Borat would say, "I like!". About the Kingdom of Dacia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dacia

    Sentient BeingSentient BeingDag sedan
  • 2:16 Let's be honest, It's all about how the door closes

    Elijah CarrElijah CarrDag sedan
  • The last time Matt reviewed a Dacia: *Gets bombarded with hate comments* Matt this whole video: :) Nice car!

    MrOrlandoMrOrlando2 dagar sedan
  • I've owned and driven a 15 plate Sandero Laureate for the last 2.5 years and loved it. Just bought a brand new Sandero Stepway Comfort auto. Looking forward to delivery. Love the car hate the video. It seems that most car review videos are produced by petrol heads who test drive a normal family car with the same distaste as someone who has just stepped in dog shit.

    Bob TrevenaBob Trevena2 dagar sedan
  • pengen mobil ini masuk Indonesia, dengan harga segini.

    You again?You again?2 dagar sedan
  • Do you remember why i unsubscribe coz cov related think do you know that one in 16 people has complications from that think you all call vacine but realy is untested biomaterial and you now are ginipig.

    Stan KaneStan Kane2 dagar sedan
  • My respect to was high before the video. Now it's even higher. Thanks for taking time for pronunciation.It's not just a name, it's our ancestors name.

    JulioAbel90JulioAbel902 dagar sedan
  • I think I am speaking for all of us, but nobody cares about your damn vaccine. Talk about the car more.

    Donatas BambalasDonatas Bambalas2 dagar sedan
  • prefer all that plastic over soft touch for sure

    AgeAge2 dagar sedan
  • Many died from the vaccines, my God have mercy on your soul.

    No MadNo Mad2 dagar sedan
  • 1:37 these actually look pretty cool

    EngiNetionEngiNetion2 dagar sedan
  • Oh

    Kayderro CHKayderro CH2 dagar sedan
  • Room in the back for a midget

  • Why dont people like the looks of it! I think it looks waaay way better than the old one. Way better. :D I actually like it. I have never been a "anti-Dacia" guy, ive been "neutral" but after ive seen this im more positive tbh. I think Dacia is underrated.

    Joakim BergJoakim Berg2 dagar sedan
  • When I had a lada in the 80s people laughed untill it's snowed and it's went everywhere and they couldn't I got to work they had to walk

    Calum MorrisCalum Morris2 dagar sedan
    • Was it 4x4 or what?

      Ivan IvanianIvan IvanianDag sedan
  • The wheels looked better without the hubcaps. Really.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 dagar sedan
  • [James May intensifies]

    Ted DarmaoneTed Darmaone2 dagar sedan
  • Nice car, but shame about overstuffed Burberry straight jacket!

    gerry whelangerry whelan2 dagar sedan
  • Good News! The Dacia Sandero is coming to the UK!

    BL_X Roblox, Mysteries & TheoriesBL_X Roblox, Mysteries & Theories2 dagar sedan
  • Here in Brazil Renault sell a R.S version of the Sandero it's a very fun little car and the "cheapest" (cars in Brazil are not cheap at all) sports car you can buy around here. I hope once this fucking virus goes away I will be able to afford one.

    OxyacetyleneOxyacetylene2 dagar sedan
  • A car review or a shitty promotion for vaccination propaganda?

    Lowrie RobinsonLowrie Robinson2 dagar sedan
    • Grow up.

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name2 dagar sedan
  • RIP matt - Covid-19 vaccine victim

  • Wuttt the camera man says the old one looks better 😳😳😳

    I love JBLI love JBL2 dagar sedan
  • Good news!!!

    Victor OpreaVictor Oprea2 dagar sedan
  • I thought you weren't meant to drive after a covid jab? not that I've had one yet (the joys of being "young").

    e1337prodigye1337prodigy2 dagar sedan
  • 7:49 Mat:Which One Is It Nice Lady:AstraZeneca (me knowing that the astrazeneca vaccine is mote dangerous than the others) Me:R.I.P Mat Watson (but its nice to know he's healthy)

    GreekProGamersGreekProGamers3 dagar sedan
  • vaccine sheep......

    AMPAMP3 dagar sedan
  • Old man jk, vaccines are great, good you're not a anti vaxin yank

    Ben WattonBen Watton3 dagar sedan
  • Doing great till you mentioned covid vac so no longer watching push your vaccine were the sun dont shine

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  • I love your Videos mate you are so funny 😃

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  • good news everyone?!?

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  • Great news!

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  • The real question: can it do a Aussie 4th gear rev-limiter clutch dump?... That's the real test that will conclude the quality of the hardware.

    Andrew GallagherAndrew Gallagher3 dagar sedan
  • Why Oh why did they not paint the bumpers on the basic model, it looks terrible and half finished... I mean come on Dacia....

    Jeff UnderwoodJeff Underwood3 dagar sedan
  • 3:25 I like this feature =D

    CekromCekrom3 dagar sedan
  • Bine cuaieee bravo❤

    Claudiu VirlanClaudiu Virlan3 dagar sedan
  • If you want a fun car buy something for under a grand and enjoy exploring all the roads you never previously thought possible, all the parking spaces which were previously off limits and being able to do anything the car is capable of and being constantly surprised by what the car can do if you dare to try.

    Tom NorrisTom Norris3 dagar sedan
  • Good news! The Dacia Sandero is here.

    Mihai CMihai C3 dagar sedan
    • Wow really........ Anyway

      Shoebill KunShoebill Kun7 timmar sedan
  • Here in South Africa there is a vaccine delay lucky you

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  • U get a vaccine?matt u stupid.........

    Sclavii PoliiSclavii Polii3 dagar sedan
  • When Mat's Burberry jacket cost more than the car he's reviewing it maybe time to take a pass, just sayin

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  • Oh nooo..... Anyways

    William SørensenWilliam Sørensen3 dagar sedan
  • *OH NOO....anyway..*

    Farhan NavasFarhan Navas3 dagar sedan
  • do we really need all those elitist and classist comments from a rich white media dude in 2021

    Vlad IlkevichVlad Ilkevich3 dagar sedan
  • Is steering wheel included?

    Fluffi FluffssonFluffi Fluffsson3 dagar sedan
  • It’s a Renault with a Dacia badge on it and its shit and it will have a French fit

    John ThorntonJohn Thornton3 dagar sedan
  • could be the flu jab not the real jib jab Jen therapy no one in their right mind would ever take this rubbish Unless you’re thick in the head do not listen to this Waste of space Looney Tunes actor he’s not your friend or saviour he sold his soul to the devil for three pieces of silver

    Mark EllisMark Ellis3 dagar sedan
  • I think it looks great, it looks a bit like a Seat Ibiza

    ParlatoParlato3 dagar sedan
  • I felt ill for 28 hours after but happy to have a be ok ... ready for the 2nd one now

    CAR TALK UKCAR TALK UK3 dagar sedan

    Alex DaniasAlex Danias3 dagar sedan
  • I was enjoying this video until halfway through it has to get spoiled by his reference to anti vaxers, can't believe this blatant propaganda. There are so many people out there that can't take the jab for medical reasons Ect, and yet this obvious barefaced shaming continues. It's about time this discrimination was stopped now!! Used to subscribe to this channel, never again.😠😠

    Ray AtkinsRay Atkins4 dagar sedan
  • I find it hilarious that £8k Dacia has android auto and apple car thing but £40k BMWs don't.

    piachu1piachu14 dagar sedan

    DRAKONET2000DRAKONET20004 dagar sedan
  • You'd have to pay me 8k to drive this piece of junk

    Brian FBrian F4 dagar sedan
  • Îi place la ariciu ăsta dacia :))))

    Silvester silvesterSilvester silvester4 dagar sedan
  • ***James May wants to know your location***

    r e v e l a r e_ XVIIr e v e l a r e_ XVII4 dagar sedan
  • As a great man once said: And now! The Dacia Sandero!

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  • What an idiot getting vaccinated chances of him getting covid about 1 in 50k too lazy tí do the research

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  • This car has better ergonomics than my 55K merc feelsbadman

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  • Much Better than a Toyota Aygo

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  • Good News!

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  • Piece of junk...

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  • That Seatbelt guide is also present on the 03-09 Renault Megane II, so it's certainly nothing special😂

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  • Matt flexing his Burberry jacket in a Dacia

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  • Google f......ck you with advertisement every 1-2 minutes with that shitty mobile games

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  • I've got a brand new 21 plate Golf R line but damn that car is impressive for the wonga

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  • Cheers for Mat, he learned not to be arrogant anymore after all the hate he received for the Duster review.

    CipRsCipRs5 dagar sedan
  • Remember when they started at 5999

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  • Coffin on wheels, 2 stars EuroNCAP

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  • This is a very nice affordable car for people that just want 'a car'

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  • How did the whole vaccine ‘releasing you from the covid hell’ go? We will reconvene after the 3 boosters, another lockdown and an Indian triple variant.

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  • Biased against Dacia as usual, Mat. Way to be predictable. At least you pronounce it correctly...

    Gigi MigiGigi Migi5 dagar sedan
  • Actually the model tested has more gadgets than I want or need. Too many distractions in a lot of modern vehicles. The steel wheels are attractive so the plastic trims are pointless.

    Robert HoldenRobert Holden5 dagar sedan
  • Good news

    Soban FaizSoban Faiz5 dagar sedan
  • I like it!

    red_ashcroftred_ashcroft5 dagar sedan
  • You polluted the sacred name of Dacia with that messed up vax that kill people!

    Traian PetrescuTraian Petrescu5 dagar sedan
  • Very Lovely Review. Cant go wrong with a Dacia Sandero

    Cesar AbrahamCesar Abraham5 dagar sedan
  • Fair enough Mat! Respect from Romania🙌💪😎

    Cristian TanaseCristian Tanase5 dagar sedan
  • Started liking this brand

    makis ioaanoumakis ioaanou5 dagar sedan
  • soon as you started going on about the vaccine that was enough for me to turn off

    Peter KingPeter King5 dagar sedan
  • 8:28 for haters

    VOIDVOID5 dagar sedan
  • Vauxhall AstraZenaca

  • F U vaccine.

    INFOWARRIORchannelINFOWARRIORchannel6 dagar sedan